Speak out First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Somewhere to be able to say what’s in my head without actually having to speak any of it this will mostly be about living with someone with a chronic Disease and how you get through each day with some added snippets of humour (I find myself hilarious although the family don’t agree!!) 



Ok so today we had storm Doris my nan was called Doris so stupidly thought the storm would cause us no damage 🙈 big mistake Doris blew down our fence, this resulted in my husband trying to fix the fence up so we could let the dogs out, this resulted in said husband drilling into his thumb 🤢 ouch!! Main issue with this is he’s in warfarin & anyone who takes this medicine will know if you cut yourself my god do you bleed! Well his drilling of the thumb took place over 3 hours ago and we have only just stopped the bleeding 🙁 just another side effect of this bastard disease 😡


AND when am I ever going to learn to keep my gob shut 😭 now I’m not one of these people that worries about their hair I don’t fuss over it daily and have been known to sit at my desk at work and cut off my ponytail a few times, but what the hell was I thinking when I agreed to have my head shaved for charity 😱 was a good idea at the time but now as it gets closer I know I’m gonna look ridiculous!!! So yeah the charity will hopefully get a shed load of money for research- too late for my husbands condition but hey at least he gets to sleep next to a bald twat 😭

Just a thought

Is it better that your children seem to ignore the fact their dads Sick and treat him as normal or should they be reminded every now & then? Don’t want to make a deal out of the illness to them guess I’m trying to protect them for as long as I can but just sometimes when they are asking him to do stuff I just wanna shout “remember he’s sick” so what’s best do I let them carry on as normal which puts pressure and stress on him or do I pull them up just sometimes to remind them? Not easy hey 

For now  bitting my tongue seems easiest somehow